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An detailed list of services and rates will be posted soon.

Production Services

  • ENG Style Video Production: includes camera, tripod, lights, microphone, and camera operator - Estimated Day Rate (10hrs) $500
  • Edit your footage into a finished production - Estimated Hourly Rate $50

Documentary Services

  • Video & photographic inventory of insured items
  • Deposition Services will soon be available
  • Documentary Interviews for family and posterity


  • Custom 3d animations for your website or videos
  • Full resolution samples will be available soon


  • Learn to understand the concepts and applications, to get the most out of your camera gear and editing software
  • Proficiency in several versions of editing, compositing, and animation software including After Effects, 3D Studio Max, Final Cut Pro

Production Assistance & Grip Services

  • Crew with a working knowledge of broadcast and video production
NOTE: The prices listed above are negotiable based on the extent of training or production assistance you need. They are not a substitute for a written quote or final bill.
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