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About Pipe Dreams

Scott Hunt started his career in Mass Communications more than 12 years ago. Experience with a multitude of cameras and editing platforms provide him with a solid understanding of what it takes to bring a video to completion, from pre to post production. Strong scripting skills ensure that your ideas are communicated thoroughly and concisely to your target audience, or storyboards and visual concepts can be matched to your script.

With a background in education, Scott provides training and support to individuals as well as professional broadcasters. He helps you better understand your own gear, so you can get more out of your equipment. Scott's unique approach applies knowledge he has developed through years of research and personal experience. Lessons are tailored to meet your skill level, and understanding, and he ensures you have a chance to apply what you are learning throughout the process. 

Past clients: Get Motivated Seminars, MJS Publications, Bean Productions, Fresh Horses just to name a few.

Scott has worked on programs for Morning Joe, E!, Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil, TV Land Awards, Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wresting, and more.

Scott has produced interview segments featuring Dan Rather, Mike Ditka, Erin Brockovich, Howard Putnam, General Stanley McChrystal and several other high-profile national leaders, athletes and business executives.



Scott is a member of the Media Professionals of Florida


Scott has garnered numerous awards from several professional organizations throughout his career, including:




  • Beacon - First Place for Graphic Design
  • Telly - Bronze
  • FGCA - Second Place for Video Production
  • NATOA - Second Place for Visual Arts
  • LEVA - Bronze Shield

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